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Türkiye Cumhuriyeti'nin 100. Yılı / 100 Years Turkish Republic

Türkiye Cumhuriyeti'nin 100. Yılı / 100 Years Turkish Republic

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This exclusive set of 4 unique collectible banknotes is issued to celebrate a century of progress and prosperity. Exactly 100 years after Atatürk founded the proud Turkish Republic we celebrate the achievements of a great nation.

Secure your set today and receive:

- 1 complete set celebrating ‘100 years Turkey’
- 4 Special Editions in the highest quality
- Each note individually numbered
- Including free accessories
- A ‘First Edition’ set with the lowest numbers
(the sooner you order, the lower the number)


Each note is printed according to the highest international standards and includes all of the official security marks; micro-text, watermark, UV-ink and hologram to name just a few. The size of each note is 139 x 76 mm and it’s guaranteed to be in the highest possible quality: Uncirculated.

This exclusive set is delivered to your house free of charge and includes many FREE ACCESSORIES as well.

A protective sleeve for each of the 4 notes with a custom design. As well as a presentation folder to keep your complete collection together and save. This ensures the collector value of this proud national collection is protected for future generations.


Join us in a celebration of Atatürk's Türkiye!
The story of a proud nation of 4 exclusive banknotes:

1923★1950 Republic
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk led a revolution and founded the Republic of Türkiye, ending years of war and foreign occupation.

1950★1980 Democracy
After years of single-party rule, the people demonstrated their political will using their democratic rights.

1980★2000 Liberalism
Türkiye, a bridge connecting Europe and Asia and combining both Western and Eastern identities, has oscillated between periods of liberalism and authoritarianism over the years.

2000★2023 Progress
Türkiye has experienced a rapid technological revolution thanks to its start-up ecosystem, government support, universities competing with the world, and investments in research and development.  

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