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Battle of Britain - Iconic Aircraft Collection - set of 3

Battle of Britain - Iconic Aircraft Collection - set of 3

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Britannia Pound:  The Battle of Britain - set of 3
Serial number codes: 

- Spitfire: UKBB 123456 44SP 
- Hawker Hurricane: UKBB 123456 44HH 
- Avro Lancaster: UKBB 123456 44AL 


A tribute to the heroic efforts and the iconic aircraft that played a vital role in securing victory in the Battle of Britain. Each banknote features one iconic aircraft on the front and alle three notes have the same backside featuring all three aircraft.


The banknote bears several security features. Britannia, with trident and lion, a symbol of the British Isles, is security printed onto each note. The heraldic beasts of the four nations of the United Kingdom are printed in ultraviolet inks. 


Each banknote is one of a kind because it has a unique serial number. You will have matching serialnumbers in your set and it comes in a Battle of Britain themed folder.

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