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One Banknote

Vitae Maris - Sea Life - Collection - set of 4

Vitae Maris - Sea Life - Collection - set of 4

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ONE BANKNOTE:  Vitae Maris - set of 4

- Limited edition: 3000 sets
- Serial number codes: 
   - Shark:     OBVM 123456 SHA1 
   - Turtle:     OBVM 123456 TUA1 
   - Octopus: OBVM 123456 OCA1 
   - Penguin: OBVM 123456 PGA1 

Shark Banknote

Embark on an exhilarating underwater journey with our Shark Banknote. This 500-denominated collectible embodies the estimated 500 species of sharks that grace our oceans, each one a unique testament to evolutionary perfection. The shark motif, meticulously etched on the banknote, captures the raw strength and agility that these marine predators are renowned for. A tribute to diversity and survival, the Shark Banknote is an adventurous addition to your collection and a reminder of the endless wonders that lie beneath the waves.

Penguin Banknote

With a denomination of 18, our Penguin Banknote pays tribute to the 18 known species of these charismatic creatures. Each species, from the Emperor Penguins of Antarctica to the Little Penguins of Australia, has adapted uniquely to their environment, showcasing nature's incredible versatility. The banknote's penguin depiction, crafted with careful precision, brings to life these birds' endearing charm and resilience, making the Penguin Banknote a heartwarming collectible for all ages.

Octopus Banknote

Venture into the mesmerizing depths of the sea with our Octopus Banknote. Valued at 100, this collectible symbolizes the approximately 100 known species of octopi, each a marvel of intelligence and adaptability. The octopus, intricately portrayed on the banknote, encapsulates the mystery and intrigue of these cephalopods, their eight arms representing the myriad paths of exploration and discovery. With its enigmatic allure, the Octopus Banknote adds a touch of the extraordinary to your collection.

Turtle Banknote

Embrace the timeless wisdom of nature with our Turtle Banknote. With a denomination of 110, this banknote honors the remarkable average lifespan of turtles, some species of which are known to surpass even this age. The turtle, elegantly illustrated on the banknote, embodies perseverance and continuity, its protective shell symbolizing enduring strength. The Turtle Banknote is more than a collectible. It’s a testament to life's longevity and the enduring secrets that nature safeguards. This banknote is a meaningful and inspiring addition to any collection.


The banknote bears several security features.

Each banknote is one of a kind because it has a unique serial number. You will have matching serialnumbers in your set and it comes in a ONE BANKNOTE folder.

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